Tunmore Winter 2019-2020


KO Report for K O Cup

Last 64
Heath House Fumblebucks     Bye
Doyle's Scallywags     Bye
Horsford S.C. Beasts     Bye
Riley's Devils     Bye
Riley's L.A.     Bye
Riley's Rocks     Bye
The Windmill     Bye
William Iv Bar     Bye
William Iv Ind     Bye
Windmill Potters     Bye
Windmill Artistes 25 5 Spixworth S.C.
Riley's Saddlebags 16 15 Broadland S.C. Journeymen
Spixworth S.C. Ind 17 13 Hethersett S.C. Exiles
The Other Team 10 20 Woodside Snooker Club
Gatehouse Guards 20 10 Reindeer
Norfolk C.C. 'C' 16 14 Farmy Army
Heath House 9 21 Usual Suspects
Marlborough Arms 0 W Freemasons B
Rose Crown 6 24 Coach Horses A
Norfolk C.C. Allsorts 14 16 Norfolk C.C. Picknmixers
The Old Timers 19 11 Riley's Next In Cue
Spixworth S.C. 'B' 16 15 Norfolk C.C. Commoners
Freemasons Golden Oldies 10 20 Rose Crown Bandits
Jubilee 11 19 Heath House Real Aye
The Nelson 7 16 Resevoir Rogues
Trowel Hammer 'B' 7 23 Riley's Roosters
Hood Rats 6 16 Walnut Trottstars
Hethersett S.C. Hounds 20 10 The Gordon
Broadland Snooker Club 21 9 Trowel Hammer 'A'
Silver Fockers 16 14 Gatehouse Grinders
Heath House A 16 5 Riley's Phoenix
William Iv 13 17 Horsford S.C. 'C'
Last 32
Horsford S.C. Beasts     Spixworth S.C. 'B'
William Iv Bar     William Iv Ind
Riley's Saddlebags     Rose Crown Bandits
Riley's Devils     Broadland Snooker Club
Heath House A     Usual Suspects
Heath House Fumblebucks     Riley's L.A.
Riley's Rocks     Resevoir Rogues
The Old Timers     Freemasons B
Spixworth S.C. Ind     Heath House Real Aye
Windmill Potters     Riley's Roosters
Norfolk C.C. Picknmixers     Woodside Snooker Club
Walnut Trottstars     Horsford S.C. 'C'
Silver Fockers     Gatehouse Guards
Windmill Artistes     Doyle's Scallywags
Hethersett S.C. Hounds     Norfolk C.C. 'C'
Coach Horses A     The Windmill
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Best of 15

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